ong Guan (Koon Kee) was found by Mr. Lim King Koon since 1916 who operates food trading and distribution of a wide range of household and consumer world known prestige brands to every single corner in Brunei Darussalam.

Excellent relationships with our suppliers and well-established network with local retailers are the key to ensure the acquired prestigious brands are appropriately and effectively distributed from the manufacturers to the ultimate customers in the marketplace.

Strong roots in local markets and first hand, throughout knowledge of local culture as well as alliances between various business partners are our imperative factors to stand out of the crowd.

Over the years, Hong Guan (Koon Kee) has been successfully distributing over hundreds of renowned, high quality products to every single corner in Brunei including supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and convenient corner shops.

We seek every opportunity to recuperate our strength on every aspect in the trading business in order to provide world-class goods and services to our various customer groups. In early 80’s, Hong Guan (Koon Kee) strategically established Swee Hong Sdn. Bhd, wholly-owned sister company, to specially take care of the ever-growing demands on the diverse retail and catering market sectors in Brunei.



ong Guan (Koon Kee) vision is simple - to be the market leader in delivering variety of valued goods from all over the world to our customers around Southeast Asia region.

Being the leading company in distributing various products in Brunei, the company aims to improve the local quality of life by continuously sourcing and introducing different products available in the worldwide market.

Our corporate values lies on the basis of Winning by Delighting Our Customers, Valuing and Trusting our People, Generating Innovation and Managing Changes.



e have been working extremely close with a number of reputable world known brands over the company’s established life and successfully built a long-term working relationship with them.

To us, the reception of our distributed products by our targeted market is more pertinent to us since we believe there will be no business if there is no market. Therefore, we rely greatly on our product brands and ranges, nonetheless, our dedicated workforce.


ver 95 % of market network distribution network in Brunei Darussalam is roofed by our company. We keep on building up our network and to explore new outlet, we recorded every single business transactions and turn potential customer into actual customers and the volume of their sales for further analysis.

We keep on building up our network and to explore new outlet, we track the number of orders everyday and recorded every single business transactions, turn potential customer into actual customers and the volume of their sales for further analysis.



he key component of our marketing plan is the relationships we are able to build within the local marketplace. Our team spending time to time on a daily basis developing and cultivating relationships with a diverse spectrum of business set-ups, from supermarket chains to institutional clients.

Avertising and promotion effort are extensively implemented with full supports from our principles. These activities aims to reinforce consumers’ shopping experience, raise individual brand awareness and most importantly, to seize a larger piece of market share.

elivering great service is a key objective of our business transformation programme and during the year, we made great strides in retraining our team to satisfy customers needs by offering self-motivation training program, key account management and foundation of merchandising program to strengthen their skills and technique.

A brand new 40,000 sq ft warehouse was built in 1999 at Kampung Salar Industri, Muara. Including dry goods storage, cool room, temperature control area and storage for retail and catering products. It has enabled us to provide high quality greater product variety to customer with dependable service at high level of efficiency.

We committed to re-develop our current systems and facilities meeting everyday intensify demands. We committed to upgrade our data base through the reinvigoration of our computing programmes and store facilities for healthy and well organization of stock holding, analysis sales figures and forecasting future demand


hile we move our business forward, we have to win new business. This doesn't just mean selling more - it means generating more value. We do this through logical strategies and operational excellence, by working together to beat the competition and by setting targets that always stretch us.

We understand our market and our industry are always changing so we accept that change brings opportunity to grow and improve.

We always focus on long-term quality rather than short-term advantage. Our focused strategy of providing exceptional value and choice for customers ensures that we continue to grow market share.

We listen to our customers and our trade partners carefully, we treat them as we would like be treated ourselves, and we provide them not only with high quality brands and services but also with an experience that means they enjoy dealing with us at every level.

We operate our business in the same way we lead our personal lives. We are honest, open and generous. This is a moral choice - but it is also a commercial imperative. Our market reputation depends on how we behave.


ecruiting the best people is the key, invest in their development and help them to do their job to the best of their ability. We recognise the importance of individuals and value their contribution. In turn, they can expect career development and work experience that rewards them personally and economically.

We are all team members and yet retain a strong personal accountability - and so we recognise and reward both individual and collective achievement in order to encourage further and greater achievement in the future.


o deliver a successful business longer term we are looking for profit growth through a balance of strong sales growth, reducing our cost base further and continuing margin improvements.

We are committed to achieving leading margins although the market is dynamic and competition very active, we are keen on striving for the best performance and exploring new ideas - whatever direction they come from. We see change as a chance to grow - as individuals and as a company. We learn from each other - able to listen and to make our voice heard.